About Us

The Gift Palace Story

Anyone who has visited a Gift Palace  knows that its more than just a shop. It’s an incredible experience – history and fun all rolled into one. Here’s how that came to be.

A Dream Fulfilled

In 1991, a Middle Man from small city in India, Pankaj Agarwal opened a toy shop in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh with the dream of making it ‘the best toy and gift shop in the world!’. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of something very big.

Spreading the Joy

Never in his wildest dreams would Pankaj Agarwal have imagined how far and wide Gift Palace would spread. Today, we offer children an abundance of fine toys and Gifts to choose from.

A Delightful Experience

Every Gift Palace offers children a magical experience, and adults the rare chance to be children again. It’s where they get to play with toys, watch live demos of toys, and interact with their favourite toy characters.